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Re: Nature is for who?

In a message dated 1/3/99 3:14:06 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Here in Idaho our demographic study and incidentally supported by a
 questionnaire by the AERC a few years ago, the average horse rider is a
 woman, about 37 years old!! Don't see many women that age out working on
 trail, even bike riders. Think about that comparison. >>

Unfortunately, Bob makes a good point here.  I don't know of too many other
mid-40's ladies such as myself who will load up a pack horse with chainsaw,
saw gas, etc., and take off alone, ponying said pack horse down the trail for
a dawn-til-dusk day clearing trail.  I was heartened several months ago when
Debby Lyons talked about a light model of chain saw that she can carry easily
on her saddle.  Ladies, if we want our trails, we have to roll up our sleeves
and do the work.  Otherwise, the powers that be will do all they can to close
trails that are not maintained...

Heidi Smith, DVM

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