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Re: Purina Athlete

In a message dated 1/2/99 8:22:05 PM Pacific Standard Time, Tivers writes:

<< Hmm, the BIG change in this diet that I see is the fat. I'd have to wrestle
you on the protein issue, but I'm on my way to Florida Tuesday. Have you read
Mauro Di Pasquale's Amino Acids and Proteins in the Athlete (CRC)? >>

Have not read that particular piece, but the big problem with protein is only
in hot weather.  It has a high heat of digestion, which just makes that much
more heat for the horse to have to dissipate through sweat, panting, etc.
Makes for even more of a problem in hotter, more humid areas than it does
here.  And Susan and others are right--I remember a lot more complaints coming
out of the Southeast than we saw here.  (And we saw our share!  Moreso in hot
weather, as I recall.)  I think that the protein coupled with the regular dose
of electrolytes was a lot of the problem.  I have seen similar problems in
horses whose owners have regularly added electrolytes or just plain salt to
the daily ration.  Since I have not seen any similar problems when just fat is
added to the diet, I sure can't blame the fat--have also seen horses do well
on other concentrates with added fat, such as NRG, etc...


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