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Re: HRM electrodes, conductivity and woolly horses.

I appreciate all this info about using my HRM.  I was wondering about
aloe vera gel and I think I will try that!!  This is the first time in
my life that I have braved such cold temps.  When I was a kid I wasn't
allowed to ride my horse.  I have learned alot from ridecamp and gained
some courage to try things I never have.  I am learning what works
(keeping warm, etc.) and though I am still kind of a wuss, it's been
fun.  We are hoping to have a moonlight ride this weekend but we are
expecting a winter storm tomorrow.  I heard on Paul Harvey that we will
have 2 full moons in January, none in February and 2 again in March!!
:)  Can't wait to do that!!  We have only been walking with some
occasional trotting and we did break a bit of a sweat last week on a
sunny day at about 32 degrees but they were well cooled out by the time
we got home.  I worry alot!  I'm not used to dealing with sweating when
they have such a thick coat! I figure some long slow rides with a bit of
snow to walk through will help keep those muscles and ligaments and
tendons built far the snow is only powdery here but I think it
helps.  We are fortunate to have a nice area down the road where we can
ride on some soft, sandy two tracks...not very deep sand but it doesn't
get icy and we can even get in an occasional gallop through the
snow...what a rush!  At first, I think my gelding thought I was crazy
but once we get going, he seems to enjoy himself!  Well, sorry for the
rambling but I will keep watching for those posts about winter riding!!
Thanks, everybody!
Maggie wrote:

> We have used Aloe Vera Gel for years and it works great.
> No need to clip.
> Bill

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