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Re: Heel Bulb Bruise

why not  i am on a roll...

IF MY horse had a bruised heel-- and he did  last year..

i would gave ARNICA 30c 2x per day for 3 days
then  HYPERICUM 30c  at different times once a day until better

soak foot in epsom salts  hot water..

i like the hawthorne iodine hoof pack.. put one in an ezboot or the med
boot and keep on all day after the soaking.

after a few days of this may try a pad soaked in HYPERICUM  tinture  10
or 15 drops in the cotton with water.. then into the ezboot..

Hypericum is St Johns Wort.. can get the plant from a good health food
store..and make a tinture of strong tea for soaking..
I am going to try and grow some of this next year.. need some seeds.

i wounder with all these herbs i grow around here if dea will get me for

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