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Re: Rain Rot

Whoever suggested putting Captan fungicide on a horse to treat rain rot,
please be aware that the label says:


Causes irreversible eye damage. Harmful if swallowed or inhaled.  May cause
allergic skin reactions.  Do not get in eyes.  Wear goggles or a face shield
when handling.  Avoid contact with skin and clothing.  Avoid inhalation of
dust."  And etc.

It is also in violation of Federal law to use this and any other pesticide in
a manner inconsistent with its labeling.  And the Captan label does not
include application to animals.

There may be Captan-containing fungicides specifically formulated for animals,
but for the sake of your health and that of your horse, please do not use a
product labeled for agricultural or horticultural use!

San Francisco

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