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Re: Help on beet pulp needed

I have been using the shredded beet pulp for my three year-old stud colt for about 2 months now.  His daily ration is two 2 lb. coffee cans (which is roughly 3 dry lbs.) soaked in water (about 1 gallon to 1 pound) for roughly one half hour (or until it absorbs most of the water).  He also gets about 2 lbs of dry mixed grain which I just throw on top of the beet pulp in his feeder.  He happily eats the beet pulp
without it though. He is just hanging out, growing up, being a horse.... no exercise other than what he gives himself (which is plenty).  I will probably increase his ration when he starts getting ridden again.

It is my understanding from Susan E.G. that you can feed A LOT of beet pulp with no problems as it is nutritionally much more similar to hay than grain. I think she told me she feeds  up to 6 or 8 lbs. when she is trying to put weight on a horse.  My ration is more of a maintenance ration although my colt has slowly put on weight (which I wanted) since I started feeding the beet pulp.

I am very happy with the beet pulp supplement and will be putting the two geldings on it when I get their new paddock finished (one is very dominant and will end up with a two horse ration)..... plus, when I bring my mare and filly off pasture and the weaning starts.... I'll be putting them on it too.  Even when you have to special order it (as I do at $9.95 per bag) it's still a pretty reasonable cost.  I go through
about 2 bags per month per horse at the ration I use.

Good luck!


Ellen writes:

> I have been reading about beet pulp and have decided to try it as an additive
> to help with weight gain on my new mare.  I have been unable to find any
> "instructions" or recommendations on amount to use.
> I purchased a bag today.  I had to special order it at the feed store as it
> isn't used much in this area.  So, I know no one who has used it.
> What I got is not pelletized which is not what I was expecting even though I
> had no idea really what to expect it to look like.  I am experimenting as I
> type to see if it expands and how much before I feed it.
> HELP!  I will not feed it until I have some idea of portion size to feed.  Of
> course, I would start out with very little and gradually work up, but I want
> to know what it is doing as it goes through the stomach, colon, and
> intestines.  I want no pulp induced colic, etc, etc, etc.
> Also, on the bag the it stated the fat content was no greater than .3.  I
> would have expected more than that.  Am I wrong?
> Any pulp experts out there that can help me out?
> Ellen
> Memphis
Kirsten Price
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno Nevada

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