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Swanton Pacific 100

After reading several mail items this AM about Tevis, and after answering a
few requests for ride entries to SP100, I realized this is a whole new way to
reach riders.  So .... I would like to extend an invitation to all Tevis
riders to bring an extra fit horse along, lay over a few days and come on down
to SP which runs on August 15th, just one week after Tevis.  This is a
gorgeous ride, very "user friendly", and features the following - huge
redwoods, lots of shade, deep canyons (not as deep as Tevis'), grassy hills,
shale ridges, ocean views, lots of stream crossings - even several waterfalls,
lovely sunset views, VERY easy crewing, with all major vet checks EASILY
accessible.  The footing is excellent, no harsh rocks, and the temperatures
are moderate.  WE think it is the most beautiful and varied trail in the
world, but then we are prejudiced, of course.  This is our 16th year, it is a
family-managed ride and is our pride and joy.  Come and join us!

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, SP100

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