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Hi all,
Have a decision to make,I cant seem to make up my mind whether to ride the
Dubai Qualifier or not.I am so concerned about what a 100 miler will do to
my back,on the other hand I have a wonderfull fit horse with low pulses
just waiting for me in the sidelines,someone really kept in him in
tremendous shape for me.Unfortunately its my shape and body I am concerned
about,will I be flat on my back for another 6 to 12 months after competing
or will I just be in absolute agony for about a week.I know I hurt after
every trainning ride but we believe in not showing any signs of pain,stiff
upper lip  and all that.Besides this is definately a ride I should not be
missing out on,Lightfoot my Appaloosa gelding is ready for this event,I
cant trot on him either that would kill me me but he is trainned at a
lovely steady lope,slow canter,extended canter and to gallop.So perhaps I
should just say to hell with everything and go for it.Mentally I could do
this thing ,physically mm will have to wait and see.So I think I should
muster up all my courage and strength and possibly do this ride,not to win
but to say I have competed in this prestigious event and that I did the
best I could,who knows what might happen.The last time I did this ride I
did not speak to anyone for ages,finished in the top ten but it was sheer
hell on me,but worth it all the next day,besides the fact that I even had
to apologise to my other horse Shanni for saying I never want to see her in
my life again *grin*.Not likely.The field is a big one as far as 100 milers
are concerned for South Africa over 80 riders entered already,the cream of
the South African riders are competing in this first time ever event to be
able to compete Internationally.So should I do this or not or should I just
do the timekeeping(prefer to ride,will definately sulk if I dont ride).
Or I could just pump myself full of Brufen tables and massages myself full
of Brufen anti inflammatory cream and go for it.
Any suggestions anyone?
Kathy( who is like Shanni should I should'nt I) and Lightfoot ,fit,fast and
ready to go like hell for me"

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