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Saddle info-- Marciante

If you are inclined to ride western as I am you might check out Marciante
Saddles.  I bought one after my first LD in 1993.  I was very dubious about a
"mail order" saddle, but I have never regreted my purchase.

Marciante guarantees the saddle to fit your horse.  I sent pictures from all
angles of my mare.  When I got the saddle it fit the horse and me perfectly.
Her new freedom of movement was amazing under this saddle.  I had certain
adjustments made that were available on my saddle for my 5'4" height. The
comfort is extraordinary!

I will be riding a new horse soon and if the saddle doesn't fit the new one, I
will send it back to Marciante and for $35 he will adjust it to fit.

Frank Marciante spoke to me personally several times on the phone before I put
in my order.  The price at the time I bought mine was $100 dollars cheaper
than now, but what isn't more expensive these days.  I was concerned about the
"cheap" price, but I have not been disappointed in the workmanship or

You can find Marciante Saddle & Leather Co. ads in Western Horseman magazine
and I would assume others.  Phone no. is 800-684-7433

If I ever buy another saddle it will be a Marciante.  (I hope this doesn't
sound too much like a paid endorcement!  It isn't.  I have bragged about my
Marciante since I got it.)


    Check it Out!    

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