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Re: Side pulls


Hate to correct you but there is also a piece of equipment called a Vosal
which is a hybrid.   It has a metal v shaped piece on the chin area and a
leather nose band.  A Bosal is a braided rawhide nose band with the heel
knot where you tie your mecate(horse hair reins).    Sometimes the
terminology gets mixed up.  


From: Dorothy Steen <>
Subject: Side pulls
Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998 7:20 PM

In one of the messages re: sidepulls, a reference was made to a "vosal". 
The correct name is Bosal.  This is usually leather wrapped and used, in
the true Vaquero bridal horse, simply to show he has accomplished this part
of his training.  I know some people ride in them and if they do, the reins
should be attached at the bottom of the bosal.  Don't be fooled, this can
be a very severe piece of equipment in hands unfamiliar with it.


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