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I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help with. My horse gave
herself a bone bruise near the inside, right hock. It was very tender,
and swollen. She was lame on it for about 3 days. (last week) My vet
a pill for swelling (for 3 days) and then pressure wraps. It went down,
she wasn't
lame, but there was still some heat. On Sun, it swelled back up, but no
or heat. With exercise, the swelling disappears, but it reappears. She is
in a pasture,
but she's not the actively roaming type. I took her out for her 1st ride
little swelling/no heat/no lameness, and she reswelled up ( a little
more) by 
the afternoon. My vet says that as long as there is no lameness, to just
give it
time and exercise. Is this right? He doesn't do endurance. How long can I
expect it
to last?


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