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Who can attend this symposium?

Attention, does someone have the original announcement of the symposium? 
I need a copy. 

You're doing great, we're 2/3 of the way there.  Poor Betsy, gonna have
to live up to her promise...hee hee.

The following people have already pledged up to $165, $80 more and we're

	$20 Merryben
	  $5 Libby Varno (16 years old!)
	$10 Glenda Snodgrass
	$10 Linda Parrish
	$10 Michelle Aston
	$10 Glen Foster
	$10 Mick Maul
	$20 Teresa Van Hove
	$10 Antionette (Chico, TX)
	$10 Teddy Lancaster
	$10 Stephanie Wind McCray
	$10 Beverly Schlegel
	$10 Carolyn (from NE)
	$10 Jackie Baker
	$10 Angie McGhee



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