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Re: Who can attend this symposium?

O.K. guys,

Betsy says she'll take 3 days off work to go, if I can get her entry
covered. I can tell you that I'm known for being CHEAP!!! (In the
financial sense guys) but I consider Betsy representing me for $10 a
bargain.  The cost is $245.00.  We've already had $90 pledged.

It looks like the head of the Georgia Horse Council is going to go, but
I'd still love to see an endurance rider representative.  For instance,
the government sometimes allows riding, just not competitions.  For years
Big South Fork had Competitive Trail Rides, but wouldn't allow Endurance
because we were a "RACE".  So, I think we really could use someone to
speak for us...not just horsemen in general.  If you"feel the spirit lead
you" to donate $10 (more or less) towards the cause, just e-mail me.  We
won't do anything unless the whole $245 gets pledged.  If that happens,
I'll post Betsy's address to you (without asking her permission all ya'll
serial killers) and send the checks to her.  I'll even throw in the
requirement that she write a full report when she returns.  Also...with
the bad P.R. we've been getting in Endurance News lately (Ridecamp the
hotbed of unfounded gossip) I think this would need reported there too!

The following people have already pledged:

	$20 Teresa Van Hove
	$10 Antionette (Chico, TX)
	$10 Teddy Lancaster
	$10 Stephanie Wind McCray
	$10 Beverly Schlegel
	$10 Carolyn (from NE)
	$10 Jackie Baker
	$10 Angie McGhee


On Fri, 24 Jul 1998 07:28:36 EDT (Betsy B Gilman)
>I will go if I do get the $$$.  It is a Sunday- Wed. but I will take 
>the time off to attend.  How do we handle the contributions? B

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