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Re: Saddle Seat Secureness///

I have a problem with sheepskin and even the old synthetic material used on
the wintecs before the equisuede was bought in - I get heat rash.  I'm fine
for a while but after an hour or so I get terribly itchy all the way down
my legs.  I could scatch till I bleed.  First thought it was the synthetic
johdpurs, tried riding in cotton jeans but it made no difference, removed
the sheepskin and never a problem again.  Anyone out there ever had the
same problem?
> From: Angela C. McGhee <>
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> Subject: Re: Saddle Seat Secureness///
> Date: Friday, 24 July 1998 18:20
> >What is good for a new rider to feel more secure in the saddle.  I 
> >have a
> >smooth seat, would sheepskin, suede or what would help the feeling?
> Try rainwater.
> Angie
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