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sidepull & bi pull

Using a sidepull is my goal with my mare.  But not until she is totally
controllable with the full cheek snaffle.

I see the sidepull as the same thing as my halter with the lead rope
tied to both sides - just fits a little better.  Don't know what a bi
pull is at all.

If you believe in relaxation of jaw, jowl, poll & all the muscles in the
neck down to the shoulder as your key to communication & ultimately
control (as I do), then a sidepull would be a consideration in our
sport.  But not until you have acheived a level of communication that
will allow you control without pressure of any kind on the jaw.

I learned this lesson early on when I started this mare 2 yrs. ago in a
sidepull.  Thinking I could acheive the same thing as in a snaffle.
What happened was she got scared enough one time to blow off my request
to drop her head & soften her neck & instead sucked her neck into her
shoulders (making her neck stiff & rigid) & took off.  Felt like I had
to grab her nostril to get her to stop & then she reared up.  So I
learned AGAIN the importance of teaching a horse to give to the bit,
drop your head & relax.  You need that jaw to relax first & in an
emergency you need to get that head back into you lap.  A sidepull
doesn't get that.

IMHO when you have reached the level of communication & control where
you don't need that jaw to stop or whatever, then a sidepull would be
great - so would just a halter.

Lori & Sky

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