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Re: Who Can Attend This Symposium??

I just wanted to reassure all that if there is anywhere in the US that
trail riders will be represented, it's in Clemson SC. I lived in Clemson
for quite a few years and still have a lot of family there. Clemson
University is an agricultural school that encourages equestrian use of
their trails. They have an abundance of trails that they offer for use for
NATRC and AERC rides. When a friend and I asked if we could cut a new
trail, they helped us! When the bicyclists brought a complaint to the
University about the horses ruining 'their' trails, they were firmly told
that they were horse trails first and foremost, and that the horses had the
right of way! :-) 
Now, this is not to say that you shouldn't attend if you have the chance -
by all means, DO! The Cape Cod Inn in Anderson is a great (and reasonable)
place to stay. I look forward to hearing how this goes...

Stephanie Wind McCray
Golden, CO 

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