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Re starting as a adult

Hi all,
I rode most of my life doing dressage,showjumping and showing.At college I
gave up riding,for years I did not ride at all.Then I got married and we
made a mutual decision to get some horses,I originally wanted Warmbloods my
husband wanted appaloosas.Guess who won,he did.Our first Appaloosa was a
stallion ,small 14 ,2 hands,tough and wiry built.We delved into his
background to find out that he had done endurance.Our stallion Alpha Tobys
Warparth,was suited to this,we mainly used him as a stock horse in the
beginning,then we joined a Endurance club.Our first 50 Miler was
hilarious,I mean what did we know about clipping horses,cooling off
horses,sweatrugs excetra, absolutely nothing.Anyway to cut a long story
short,our shaggy "pony" went on to actually win this ride ad get the BC.We
were thrilled of course,after that we bought books ,asked
questions(alot),learnt as much as possible about this sport called
endurance.Warparth went on to win almost every ride he was entered
for,definately a one in a million horse.He loved this sport and really
thrived on being worked and ridden.His pulses were always low.Over the last
9 years we have learnt so much and are still soaking in as much information
as possible.Warparth is now retored to stud,I really miss riding him as he
is missing this sport as well,ever year I consider using him again but he
got scencia three years ago  which damanged his liver,scenetia is a plant
that comes out in Spring here and there are two types, slow acting which
Warparth had and a fast acting one lost two fillies in a day from this
awfull plant.Warparth is fully recovered now but only after a years
dreadfully expensive treatment.
He now runs with his favourite mares all year round.
After my first endurance ride I hurt in places I did not even know exist
but definately took to this wonderfull sport of endurance,my husband has
also done his first ride this year after years of crewing for me.Now he
knows what it feels like that sence of achievement to say you have finished
and your horse is in great shape.No other sport that I can think of makes
one learn so much about the horse,it feed,confirmation everything.I know
with me I eventually become one with my horse,I know them inside out by
now,I can tell from a distance if anything is wrong with any of them.So one
lives and learns,and still I dont know enough about these wonderfull
animals -the horse.
Ok enough from me for today.Most people here also start endurance as
Just my 2 cents worth yet again *grin*

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