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Hey guys!!  

I will soon be leaving the heat and humidity of Alabama to trek out
towards the heat and no humidity of California!!
Kathy Bauer and I will be stopping in MO long enough to pick up another
rider, Cathy Adair, and the three of us, with two horses and a dog in tow, 
will trek through Colorado and meet Wendy, and through NV and hook up with
Nikki!!  This is going to be one heck of an adventure!!

I can't wait to get there and meet everyone. I have my wonderful bandana,
and will be camped in Auburn from the 30th until we go to Truckee on the
6th.  Who out there will be around during that time?  I would love to meet
people from this list and chat face to face.  

Please cc me or email me privately if any of you would like to hook up
during that time!  Let me know before Friday afternoon as I will be
turning off my computer to finish packing at that time!!

see you all soon!!

Samm--team coujur
SE region
(Tevis Bound)

    Check it Out!    

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