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Fanny packs and Asthma

Melanie, meet another asthmatic!  only mine is latent.  However, I dare
not go anywhere without my ventolin/beclovent aspirators and my theodrine
tablets (in a tiny metal case) wrapped in a plastic freezer bag.   About
bouncing fanny packs,  the only way I can keep mine from bouncing on the
cantle is to rotate it, after I've mounted, so the buckle is in the back
and the bag is snugged in front.   It's either that or get cut in two by
a too-tight web belt <G> !   Lovell of Mack has some really nice pommel
bags that even  secure to flat saddles well, but like Susan I prefer to
have the essentials on me and not the horse, should involuntary
separation occur!   Cheers, Connie  (CA)

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