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re:re: thermisters

<HTML><PRE>Hey Joe.  That was a great idea about buying a $5.95 thermometer from State Line Tack.  I have been doing that for many years.  The only problem is that it won't measure skin temperature since the glass thermometer has to be surrounded by the item having the temperature measured.  The only place that I have found it to work for horses is in the rectum.  So far I havn't been able to do that with any reasonable success while galloping down the trail.  Since the horse's temperature varies considerably during exericise the most valuable temperature data is that taken while the horse is working.  The only place that we have been able to measure accurate and meaningful temperatures while working is under the saddle.  I will not trust my horse's back to a glass thermometer under his saddle pad.

    Also, as you could find out from our research,  sudden temperature drops to below normal may signal signifigant "Red Alerts".  I have not been able to to get my glass thermometer to register fast temperature drops.  All kidding aside, we spent much time trying to find a commercially available thermometer that would  meet accuracy and physical requirements before we built our own.  We could find none that met our requirements in accuracy and size that did not cost more than the one that we make.  Some people have tried to use commercially available indoor/out door remote reading thermometers.  The ones I have researched all use sensors that I find too large and/or with sharpe edges that I will not put under the saddle pad.  Also the manufacturers stated accuracies have been +/- 2 to 4 degrees ( Often I have not found them to be even that accurate).  I want to know my horse's temperature more accurately than that when he is working hard.</PRE></HTML>

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