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Frisco and Boz Saddle Sold

I just want to thank everyone for your interest and your help in finding a
wonderful home for Frisco.  I know that his new owner will provide a wonderful
home and use him to his full potential.  Frisco is a wonderful, beautiful,
personable, flashy, proud and willing to please type of Arab.  I bought him
all for the wrong reasons.  I bought him to replace the loss, pain and
emptiness I had when I lost my best friend, Kream!  I wanted Frisco to replace
Kream.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!  Just a little word to anyone that looses a
horse, "don't purchase a horse to replace another unless you are ready to
accept the death of the one you are trying to replace."  Ask yourself why you
are buying the horse and are you ready to give that horse the love, trust and
attention he deserves.  If not, don't buy him/her.  I kept calling Frisco by
mistake with Kream.  My husband would keep saying, "don't you mean Frisco!"
Maybe no one else has experienced this.  I pray you never do!  I now have
Fancy, my newly purchased paint mare who is a sweetheart, Jake my mule who
loves to be ridden and climb those hills, Rosebud our 2 year old mule who's
now over 16hh and has been started on saddle, last but not least, old man
Paint who's 21 years young and the leader of the barn.  At this time I have no
Arabs until I can heal from the loss of Kream.  At the right time, hopefully
and Arab mare will come to our home.  Until then my husband and I have enough
to keep us busy.  The Boz saddle sold to a girl in Oregon and she got a great
deal!  Thanks again everyone for your responses and happy trails to you!!

    Check it Out!    

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