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easy boots

Hi, I'm getting ready for the Rocky Mt. Ride and would like to know if anyone
has used easy boots on the ride with good success.  My horses are shod and used
to rocks but for a multi day ride I prefer to use easy boots.  Have used them
at the Timberon ride with good success.  Do you prefer to use the easy foam
in them?  I always just put them on over the shoe and they stay well without
the foam since I like the option of removing them to check the hoof each night
and in case of slippery going can remove them on the trail.  I really don't
want to pad as my horse has a tendency to pull shoes if padded.  Also what is
the story on hay for the Rocky Mt. Ride?  Can we bring our own hay for the
1st days camp?  Also did you flatlanders at the ride have any problems from
the altitude either with your horse or yourself?  Thanks for the info.
Kathy Crothers & Fox "I'm going to climb how high?"  Trav "I'm glad to sit this
one out at home this time"

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