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Snake Hill results

Here are the results (partial) of the Snake Hill 40 mile CTR held on June
21 in Huntingdon, PA:

1.  Brenda Senseney	To The Moon	Appy	MD
2.  Louise Bower	Summit E.B.	Arab	VA
3.  Greg Senseney	I.C.Double	Appy	MD
4.  Jane Spivey				VA
5.  Donna Shrader			Arab	PA
6.  Liz Krens				VA
     Cathy Lochary				MD
     Millie Turner			Paint	PA
9 . Gail Dillon				PA
10. DeeDee Lyon				VA
      Nancy McAninch		Arab	PA
12. Ann Kuest			Arab	PA
13. Louise Schimel			Arab	MD	
14. Chris Moore-Milne			PA
      Bette Laug			Arab	MD
16. Mary Coleman			Arab	PA
      Melissa Coleman			Arab	PA
      Amy Haak			Arab	PA

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