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Scratches, cause and cures, offer many stories.  What works for one case may not always work for another.  True to our 25 years of experience and competition (not bragging.... just alot of hard work and miles in time...) we first try to prevent scratches!  Prevention starts with a positive routine.  Just as you all probably have a routine the moment you decide you are going for a ride.... ie your routine for saddling your horse, etc.  Our routine is grooming from the legs up.  That way we pick up the hooves first, pick and touch the very area scratches normally first break out in.  Some horses contract scratches ("s") on the cannon bone first for an example, instead of the common place on the foot.  So by touching first you can sometimes detect a soreness and especially feel a skin break.  No big news as most groom and pick feet as a matter of fact.... but this routine has saved many of painful outbreaks. 
Our Outlaw Trail vets first check for scratches before even vetting a horse in for us on the Outlaw Trail.  I cannot tell you how many riders have been able to meet their goals of all five days by just keeping a possible "s" outbreak.  It is our first goal as managers to give our riders the best ride of their lives.  The trail is tough, but the experience of a life time and it is important that each and every rider get to ride!  It is a big goal of our to put on a great ride and NEVER pull a horse with scratches!  This is not a ride promotion, just plain cold facts of how we deal with a problem that is common to many tough rides and especially stressful five day events.
If Novalsan works... GREAT!  Bickmore works.... GREAT!  Whatever works is just great.  Purpose we all look for is riding our horses without scratches.  Education and input of this topic on ridecamp is really tremendous and I certainly appreciate the fine service ridecamp provides all of us out here!  Thanks Steph & Co.!!!
I am working with Steph to add a information page on our website
Information and advertising will appear for our products Dr. Dumas Snakegrease,  DVM J.C. Hansen's Holey Water (a drug free astringent for sore backs, legs and muscles) and representative/dealership testimonials for Advanced Biological Systems (ABC's power plus), Ortho Flex saddles and of course our highly endorsed EASYBOOT & EASYCARE products.  Please visit our web site.... email us at or mail direct to:
Outlaw Trail Endurance Arabians & Historical Rides
22 Camino de Abajo
Vadito, NM  87579-9717
(505) 587-2954  (24 message center and FAX)
Happy "OT" Trails to you... and stay sound

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