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Drug questions - endurance drugs : )

1. For you vets, I was just prescribed naquasone ( trichlormethiazide and
    for  bruise related swelling in my horse's leg. It says for dairy
cattle only. Any experience with
    this drug? It does seem to work well.

2. Is azium a prohibited drug? It's the active ingredient in the salve I
was given for my horse's
    scratches. I was wondering if I could use it as a preventative during
a ride. It worked wonders
    on the scratches. The one leg, moderately affected, is all cleared up
- in 3 days !! The bad one is
    very much better and should be gone in several days.

3. Why is arnica a prohibited drug? It's just for reducing swelling and
relieving bruises. It doesn't
    have any pain killing qualities - does it?

4. Does anyone have any legal linament recipes? 

Thanks for the help  : ))


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