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Re: In case of emergency

Congratulations you were successful.  The same applies for the flooding and
hurricaine evacuations.  Unfortunately, many of us have SO much we don't
want to loose.  Did you take your hard drive too?  Mary Ann, Tx

From: Mike & Karen <>
Subject: In case of emergency
Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 4:53 PM

Having just gone through two evacuations due to the fires here in
Florida, I thought I'd offer some suggestions for emergency planning. 
We had a couple of hours to prepare for the first evacuation and less
than 15 minutes to accomplish the second.  

-Make sure that your horses can load quickly under pressured
-Keep important tack and everyday items in a container that can be
easily thrown in the back of your truck
-Keep a list of your neighbors' home and a work phone numbers
(networking made this situation much more manageable)
-Keep spare buckets in your trailer
-Keep feed and hay accessible and contained
-Keep duct tape in your trailer and scissors (the escape door on my
trailer FELL OFF during the second evacuation-thank goodness for duct
tape!) Also a good reason to tie your horse in the trailer.
-Keep important papers, negatives, or photo albums together in something
you can carry out.
-Have a video tape of your belongings and put it with your papers
-Have a plan about where you can take your animals in an emergency
-Plan alternative routes out of your area
-Take your address book with you
-Keep your coggins papers in the glove compartment of your truck
-Pack food, dishes, cages for your other animals
-If a fire is coming put sprinklers on your roof, if time allows
-Pack toiletries and changes of clothes
-Have a mental list of what you most wish to save in order of importance

Once you have evacuated:

-Get support from friends and family
-Keep some normal routines
_Turn off the news sometimes
-Visit your animals daily for your sake and theirs (Animals get stressed
by change and sense tension; this can lead them to get sick or do stupid
things- my mare jumped out her stall one day and kicked my dog in the
head the next, not her normal behavior, fortunately both are fine.

Most people were really great throughout this disaster.  The
firefighters were incredible.  Because of them, we lost only land in
this area, no homes were lost.  People really helped each other out. I
hope none of you all have to go though this but, if you do, I hope this
list helps some.  

Karen Gehringer
Ormond Beach, Fl

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