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It only takes a few seconds...

>Well, looks like it is time to revive the Busted Condition Award.  
>Two entries so far
>Lucie Hess - arm fracture and dislocation
>Linda Parrish - hairline fracture of the pelvis

Well, since you asked <g>...add me to the list...3 cracked ribs, ruptured
kidney, bad concussion w/ head injury requiring stitches, hematoma
(football size) on left thigh and miscellaneous bruises and contusions (and
a bonus free haircut - ha ha).  I have a unit and a half of blood pooled in
the hematoma on my leg.  

btw, this was caused from somebody elses horse, and I was not riding. :(
Took about 2 seconds to happen.  

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville...who HATES crutches!!
& Weaver
& Rocky

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