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Sore shoulders, etc

Looks like we're essentially out of our very first CTR (Blackhorse Gap in
VA).  I can't find a saddle, other than my English all-purpose and a
friend's unwieldy Aussie, that does not impinge Misty's shoulders--not even
a Sport Saddle, though the impact is less. (I borrowed it from Gwen D.--I
can't get it far enough back to keep it off her shoulders without the girth
moving to the bucking position!)  Can't even use a crupper now until her
under-tail lesion heals (looks like a cyst or pimple that's about to drain.)
Today is the first day since Sunday (when she dumped me in an
uncharacteristic hard lateral spook at nada) I've been able to deep palpate
her shoulders without her flinching.  I really don't want to try riding her
25 mountain miles in 90 steamy degrees in an all-purpose saddle.  Don't know
what the rest of her back will do with that kind of pressure, even if her
shoulders are free, especially with no chance to accustom gradually.  (Er,
my backside won't like it, for sure; plus I want a handhold and kneehold for
more security during lateral arabesques...actually I want some armor.)

Soooo, my point:  where can I find a comprehensive list of saddle
makers/companies?  I can glean from various ads and from Ridecamp, natch,
but I was wondering if a "directory" of sorts exists now.  What I found in
the archives is '96 vintage.

PS--we are going to the ride whether we do any miles or not; lots of other
benefits besides the forward motion.  I get to ogle other folks' riding
stuff and yak, Misty gets to see the world.

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