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The 1998 TIMBERON RIDE was a great success and the Eiland Family wishes
to thank riders, crews, Vets and the residents of Timberon, NM for making
this the best TIMBERON RIDE yet.

We had ninety different riders this year and 32 that rode their horses
all five days of the 275 mile endurance ride.  The trails were
challenging, very pretty (even though NM was suffering from a lack of
rain - at least for the 1st two days of the ride, anyways) and full of
wildlife.  About 15 riders saw bear on various days of the ride, most saw
elk, wild turkey,  and deer were like rabbits.  Chuckwagon meals were
available in Base Camp every night for a very nominal fee.  We had not
done this before, but it was so well accepted that it will become a
fixture in future years.  The Awards Banquet was held in the beautiful
Timberon Lodge located across from Base Camp.  Most of the riders and
crews took advantage of the swimming pool that was across from Base Camp,
and showers were available from noon thru 7 pm at the pool.  Nearly every
rental unit in Timberon was occupied by someone from the ride.  Drs.
Barney Fleming, Robbie Schwyzer, and Vanessa Olsen did a superb job of
working the ride, helping teams to make it thru each day...we had the
usual lameness, but no horses required any drastic treatments, which says
much for the horsemanship of our riders.

The following riders finished all five days on the horses they started

Rider		Horse			Time		From

Terry Kinter	CG
Tufnut			27:32		NM  
Suzanne Pindar	Shayne's
Treasure		27:34		TX
Sue Norris-Romero	 
Ricochet			27:41		NM
Don Skinner	SHA Hasans
Asadd		29:20		NM
Phyllis Bartholomew  Merab			29:37		AZ
Wilson	Chas			31:24		Indiana
Jim Barnett	Lorami Topaz		31:37		Tenn
Ralph	Django			32:01		NM
Sturgess	Sudettes			33:25		NM
Roger Blalock	Blitz			34:46		AL
Tom Isaacs	Chief			37:34		Tenn
Patty Danley	Deuce			37:28		AZ
Menczer	Suufina			39:49		NM
Susan Smith	Khamsean		29:49		NM
Kris Olko		Gene Said
No		41:03		CA
Susie Jones	Mirado			42:05		NM
Ray Sanson	Starr			42:15		AZ
Tammie Robinson	Katie bar the
Door		43:03		CA
Carl Taylor	David			43:26		AZ
Sue Phillips	Tok			43:33		TX
Bailey Rose Eiland	Nymphas
Barbi		44:33		TX
Carol Dee Eiland	Arastar
TWR		44:33		TX
Taylor	Padrall			44:33		NM
Susan Young	Khaleb			45:53		OK
Jane Cloud	Ezer's			46:50		CA
Sharon Monsivais	Princess
Garnett		47:22		TX
Monsivais	Rocky			47:22		TX
Scott Sanson	Wietz			49:09		AZ
Debbie Allen	Zephyr			51:14		TX
John Parke	Remington		51:15		CA
Kitty Longino	Fox			51:16		Ark
Trilby Pederson	Red			55:02		CA

Honors went to:

Terry Kinter - O/A 1st , Day 2 BC winner, won Day 3, 1st MWT
Phyllis Bartholomew - O/A BC Winner, BC winner Day 3 & 5, 1st FWT
Suzanne Pindar - BC winner day 4, 1st LWT
Sue Norris Romero - winner of Day 1
Don Skinner - BC winner Day 1, 1st HWT
Jim Barnett - winner of day 2
Susan Kasemeyer - winner of Day 4
Roger Blalock 0- winner of Day 5

Three Juniors went all 5 days on the horses they started:

Bailey Rose Eiland (8 yrs old) 1st Junior O/A
Sharon Monsivais (10 yrs old) 2ndJunior 
Daniel Monsivais (13 yrs old) 3rd Junior
Suzanne Monsivais (9 yrs old) was pulled at the VC on the last day,
causing tears from her mother, Carol Dee, the Vet, and I had to leave or
I would have begun.  We ahd 9 juniors ride various days.

Hope to see you at TIMBERON RIDE next year.


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