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Re: Electrolyte deficit crash

Ok Dr Sally-- I will give a cut at this.. since I went personal the
first time.. as you said going public is to educate not flame..

First may I suggest you look into the new BALANCED electrolytes. These
home made mixes MAY look OK, but they are quite out of balance. I still
suggest your problem was K losses and the Ca imbalance.
K = the irregular heartbeat and spasms
Ca = thumps

Where is Mg in this mix?

Look at the make up of your recipe. The Ca is Ca Carbonate, very slow to
go into ion status..
I keep harping on the 'rock' issue. Its not that all the 'parts' may not
be in the mix..
BUT do they go into solution and IONIC valances at the same time in the
proper proportions.. spspsp
A chemistry major I am not.. but look at the ION values of the
electrolyte products that have proven track records.
I have some specs on ENDURALYTE but not on RIDE-RITE or ENDURA-MAX or
PERF/WIN. I "trust" the developers of these products to provide the
correct balance. But we know some were not 'correct' -we get new numbers
with studies and testing both at the rider field level and formal

I recommend ABC RIDE-RITE and the new KER ENDURA-MAX. With a second to
--IF you feed a much larger dose. Along with the higher 'sugar' levels
in PERF/WIN (my own analysis-- read lables) and the need to make a
larger batch which the horses may not accept, I will go with more
concentrated product.
Of course high doses of this will act like a carbo load?? yes??

My gang really ate up the PERF/WIN in the feed and they seem to like the
ENDURA-MAX in the feed too.
I have to dose the RIDE-RITE.

Not only is the correct ION balance important but so is the amount to
feed to gain the desired effect. In the case of ENDURALYTE,  RIDE-RITE
and ENDURA-MAX  the correct 'normal' start dose is 3 oz or 2 -35mm film
cans. PERF/WIN requires 3 to 4 oz per dose.

Read the post from the NA FEI ride in Canada.. the tests by ERC and Dr
Ecker should prove very interesting. Nice to see blood  glucose levels
being evaluated and some riders using carbo --other then beer..

Any way Sally-- I put my bet on the homemix  from the start.. plus it
was mis-mixed so that made the situation worse in a very hot humid ride.

and I dont buy into feeding FAT during a ride..more on that later.

Glad Fling is OK
Hope to see you at Biltmore next year.. ?
Glad another PhD is out here doing it..
Roger R

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