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Choosing a horse


My name is Kelly and I joined the list a couple of days ago.  I am an
endurance wanna be.

I was wondering if you all might have a suggestion on which horse I should
begin with.

I own three horses.  Two are registered Arabians.  One is a 5 year old green
broke Bask bred gelding who is tough as nails.  He requires a very firm hand
and seems to be like a child who will do something negative in order to get
the attention he thinks he needs.  VERY people dependant.  He is approx
14.3.  The other arab is an 11 year old mare who has not been riden much
either but she is as solid minded a horse as I have ever seen. She is an
elaborate daughter and is only 13.2.  My third prospect is a 16 hand quarter
horse who is 9 and has been ridden alot.  He is really built more like a TB
than a quarterhorse. That radiator build that I have seen pictures of.

The horse that I am closest relationship wise is the little mare but I don't
know if her size will hold her back. I am short. 5'1 1/2"   The younger arab
gelding is probably the ideal prospect ie; good confirmation , tough, loves
the attention and time I spend with him.  The only problem with him is not
alot of experience and I am in comparison to you guys a beginner.

Any input would be really helpful to me.  It has always been a dream to do
this and I decided I am not getting any younger:)  So I am just going to do

Also any beginning information you all would like to share with me would be
very much appreciated.  Feel free to reply privately so as not to clutter up
the list.

Thanks so much

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