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Gun Holsters that work at a trot

This post is in NO WAY MEANT TO START ANY GUN WARS AGAIN!  I have one
question and one question only.  I ride with my gun, why is my business,
but I need to find a better way of holstering it.  I currently secure it
by the clip on my holster to the inside strap of my fanny pack, so the clip
is facing out and the gun is against my body. I don't like this set up and
want to switch to a shoulder holster.  Do any of you have a shoulder
holster and does it bug you by your upper arms?  What type of holster do
you wear?  I find that the bounce on 10 miles of trotting is a problem and
my gun tends to flip around some. I don't have a conceilment licsense so I
must wear it visible in Az.  Any ideas you can post private so not to start
another gun war!
                                  Cheryl Newbanks 
~~~           ~~ ^ ^        SW Region
~~~\      _ ~~/ /\ /        Buckeye, AZ
       (   ) __    ) ' '
       //          \\ 
      //            \\
    **             **


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