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RE: No Bounce Bras

Patagonia makes the best ones yet.  Competitively priced, comfortable, and great support!  
Good luck!

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From:	i452601 []
Sent:	Monday, July 06, 1998 10:47 PM
Subject:	No Bounce Bras

Hi Guys,

My inquiring mind wants to know if "anyone" out there has found the
perfect no-bounce, support-type, stay in place, bra for riding.  I'd
like some suggestions on what works for others.  The athletic jog
type tops look comfy, but the straps are not adjustable on the ones
I've seen.  I would love to be able find one I could just put on and
then forget about for the day.  Help.

Linda Hedgpeth
Greenfield, CA

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