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Re: Vet charges

In a message dated 98-07-05 22:13:50 EDT, you write:

<< Around here, it seems the ride vets have been charging only for supplies,
 but at a recent ride, the attending vet also charged my friend for the time
 it took to treat her horse.   I'm sure the vet has the legal right to do so,
 but we wonder if this is standard practice.

Vets on our rides charge for services rendered, and I would guess that also
includes time. I've known vets to charge much less than they would during
normal business hours, or if the horse's owner was a child. Personally, I
believe it is only fair for the vet(s) to charge for their time as well as
supplies and medications. Fees paid by ride management don't begin to cover
their loss of income had they been on regular duty. They have to love the
sport and the whole interaction with riders in order to accept the loss of
income while they are vetting a ride.


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