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Washoe Virus?

Hi everyone,

I've just learned that a "bug" has come into the valley up here via some mares
brought in for breeding.  These horses have all developed very high
tempratures and runny noses, but does not appear to be Rhino or Strangles.
Those of you who have had horses who have had, what I've heard called, Washow
Virus, would you please e-mail me and let me know if the vets in your area
know what the bug responds to, is there any way to prevent it, what is the
incubation period, and if they do contract it how long does it last, any
apparent lasting effects?  If you guys have already figured this out, no sense
reinventing the wheel, or having to wait around trying to find what might

Anne and the Horses in Montana
Dyskrete, Stuffy, Hadia, and Tifla

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