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Pasture buddy wanted!!!

My poor horse lady - i.e. horse who is a lady, i.e., gorgeous 20-year-old
Crabbet/Polish/Russian Arab mare is, as of today, without her perfect
27-year-old Appy mare pasture-partner.  Candy, the Appy, finally went
south to reunite with her owner.  My heart is aching for my horse.  So .
. . I need to find another horse to keep Keely (Farah Dakila) company on
a lush ~5 acres, mountain stream, open barn set-up in central
Pennsylvania.  I am 12 miles south of State College Pa.  Does anyone need
a pasture-boarding setup for their horse, OR have an arab that needs a
new loving home at the least cost for me?  I'm an equine sports massage
therapist who seems to run a geriatric clinic with a  good record -
elderly cats and elderly horses living high on the hog.  Any ideas out
there ya'll?  I'll be advertising locally, but that can take a while and
I might as well reach out - way out there, because you never know.

Please contact me directly/privately.  Thank you very much  in advance
for any help you can give me.

Karen Zelinsky

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