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Rider Back Problems

Sorry to hear about your disc problem.  I have scoliosis and thought I'd never
be able to ride because ever time I'd ride my back would hurt worse than ever.
That was before buying a gaited horse.  I bought a Missouri Foxtrotter (but
T.Walkers, Pasos, even a racking horse will create the same results).  The
back and forth (vs up and down) motion of your pelvis actually massages your
back.  Now, after sitting at a desk all day with my back killing me, I'll go
out to the barn, ride for a while and the pain will be gone.  Long rides (all
day) are equally enjoyable.  I'm 52, started riding 5 years ago and use the
horse for back therapy, along with mind therapy, all the time.
There is life after back pain.  Good luck.  Kaaren  

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