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Re: safety chains or cables

Ok... the non-endurance person can contribute something here....

I had an old bumper-pull stock trailer part company with my hitch about
a year ago with two horses in it.  I was accelerating and had gotten to
between 45 and 50 miles per hour when it was suddenly obvious that the
trailer was no longer properly connected.  I did have safety chains on
(thank God) and was able to ease the truck and trailer over to the side
of the road and get it stopped.  I had minor damage to my bumper and the
hitch wheel and shaft.... the horses had rather large eyes.  But,
everyone was ok, not a scratch. I was able to fix the problem, hook back
up and haul on (sheared off cotter pin which turned out to be too old
and flimsy for the job.... learned a cheap lesson there!). If I had NOT
had the chains, I am sure that the trailer would have headed into
oncoming traffic definitely injuring or killing people and horses. If it
had happened on a corner or downhill stretch I am sure I would not have
been so lucky as far as keeping control of my truck, but I would have
had a better chance at saving the horses and other people with the
trailer on with chains than free. A rollover is scary, no-doubt.... but
as long as you are wearing a seatbelt you are likely to survive.  Can't
say the same for the horses, but their chances are certainly better
there than heading uncontrolled into oncoming traffic where the impact
speed is likely doubled.

Use the safety chains or cables (which are usually rated)..... no
question about it.


> From: gerri rini
> Email:
> I have always had heavy duty safety chains on my trailer.  The new
> trailer came with wimpy little cables instead of chains. One school of

> thought goes like this, "It is good that a trailer breaks away
> away from the vehicle so it does not flip your vehicle".  the other
> thought is that you want that trailer to stay with you...."  What
> experiences have you all had out there ?  It seems you want heavy duty

> chains to avoid your trailer crashing into on coming traffic etc...

Kat writes:

> Don't know about elsewhere, but here in California the safety chains
> supposed to be sufficient to keep you and your trailer from parting
> company (while it MAY be better for you, if your trailer breaks away,
> isn't better for everybody else on the road).

> However, don't be too sure that those "little cables" are all that
> as steel cable can be deceptively strong.  Not having seen them I
> say, but looks CAN be deceiving.

> kat
> Orange County, Calif.

Kirsten Price
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno Nevada

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