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FW: So. African endurance rides

Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 10:42:01 +0200
From: "Greg Miles" <>
To: "Ridecamp" <>
Subject: South African 100 miler help needed


>Pulse rate (100 points)
>The average pulse rate of the horse covering the entire ride is 
>an average pulse rate of 39 b.p.m is used as the base line and is 
>100 points. Two points per beat over 39 is deducted from the average pulse
>rate between 40 and 49 , and between 50 and 70 four points per beat are
>deducted .

I feel that the above is a bit unrealistic-even given that you are on 
conditioned Arabs!
How about using a formula based on DEVIATION from the individual's base 
rate - NOT assuming that all horses have the same base rate???  This might 
be accomplished by "vetting in" the day before the ride rather than just 
before the start!
Before anyone asks, yes-I ride Appaloosas.. No Arab blood.  No Morgan blood 
either.  Maybe a bit of QH/TB but probably more Spanish Barb in the 

Best wishes,
Vickie Smith
Lincoln, Vermont USA

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