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Re: easyboots/mud/interference/Old Dominion

Steve Slatter wrote:
> Can anyone tell me whether easyboots are contraindicated in a horse which
> interferes back to front? 

Does he have trouble w/ the easy boot in training?  I'd try it there
first.  Hard to say if ti would be a problem.  My husband's horse will
interfere front to back when he trots big, and he has no problem keeping
on easy boots (especially after he yanks off his front shoes :-(  )

> Also, does anyone know if the Old Dominion is
> typically a muddy ride? In other words, are easyboots in lieu of shoes a
> viable option for the Old Dominion?

Yes, they are a viable option.  The old Dominion is very rocky thru the
passes, plus some stagecoach roads and well drained forest trails, and
some (little) back country roads.  I would think that the easy boots
would offer some protection against having the horse's heels cut by

What distance are you riding?  The 100 milers will hit the worst of the
rocks.  The 50 is on a nicer section of trail, and the 25 follows the
last portion of the 50.

Perhaps we'll see you there.  I'm a heavy weight on a large gray arab,
purple tack & shirt.  We're in the 50.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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