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Re: Yearbook

 I disagree. If to finish is to win, then all riders with over 50 miles
are winners and
deserve to be recognized as such. Maybe they could delete horses under a
1000 miles
that have not competed for some number of  years ( assuming that these
horses are
donet competing) Or delete riders, with a low number of miles,  who have
not increased
 their mileage in a certain a mount of time. They, as well as the horses,
could be reilsted 
when their careers resume.
I am thrilled to see my and my horse's mileages listed even though we
only have 350. Due
to my pregnancies and other events, it's been slow accumulating these.
But I'd always look and
dream of the day when I could add 'em on. Now it seems that the time has
come and I'm looking
forward to watching the numbers change.


>I also suggested they save space by not listing horses who have not 
>1000 miles. 

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