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Syd Hill Saddles

I was interested to read in the archives of the use of a Syd Hill Saddle
for endurance.  I have had a Syd Hill Saddle (North Mead Poley) since 1981
and it fit all the horses I have had, has given none a sore back and is
extremely comfortable to ride in.

I recently traded it in as I was doing a bit of showing and purchased, yes,
another Syd Hill, this time the Suprema Cox Poley which is a light weight
close contact.  It weighs 8.5kg bare and is even better than the last one. 
I had it modified to my specifications and am absolutely wrapt with it (so
is my horse!)

However, I have only just started in competitive long distance riding
(although I have always covered a lot of miles with droving etc) so I may
yet be converted to something else.  If you are looking at an Australian
Stock Saddle - I would have to endorse the Syd Hill as a strong,
comfortable saddle that comes in many shapes and sizes that will also fit
most budgets, unlike a lot of the others!

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