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Re: P&R Volunteers

	Just wanted to add that Samm and others had good stories about how we can
rely on P&R people.  I think some of the distaste for action on the part of
these people might be as a result of encounters with very inexperienced
endurance/horse people volunteering for the weekend and speaking up when
maybe they don't know what they're talking about.  Who's to know, if you
don't already know them personally, what their level of knowledge is?  You
just have to consider the source.
	I think we'd all agree that if a P&R person overreacted and caused a
scene, we'd be irritated.  On the other hand, if the same person saved us
in some way, we'd kiss the ground they walked on.
	I think experienced people (like Nina Gibson, who started this whole
conversation) have the tact to handle it properly, being sure not to step
on the toes of either rider or veterinarian.		
	By the way, TEAM COUJUR, you'll be trading Southern heat/humidity for
Western heat/altitude.  Good luck with your acclimatization!  Roll on!

Lori Sumrall	 

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