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Re: Bruised Tendon

In a message dated 98-05-27 17:06:45 EDT, writes:

<< Now it is almost five weeks later and the tendon is still a little
 swollen. I have to re-emphasize here that Winza was never off or lame
 through *any of this* - he continues to be perfectly sound. I have been
 riding him once a week and ONLY at a walk. He is in a pasture board
 situation so he has all day to walk, trot and canter at his leisure.

None of us ever wants to use the "B" word--especially because it's not very
descriptive of a particular injury anyway. BUT, for all intents and purposes,
you have a bow. Next step is to get an ultrasound diagnosis to find out
whether you're dealing with a deep, superficial or sheath injury. 

Controlled exercise, with icing afterward, is going to help. A muscle
stimulator applied to the deep and superficial flexor muscles will also help a

Horses don't often go lame at slow speeds with a bow. (I define "bow" as torn
deep or superficial flexor tendon tissue).


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