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Bruised Tendon

	I searched through the Ridecamp archives and I was not able to find the
information I was looking for on bruised tendons (bruised, not bowed,

	The vet found heat and swelling on Winza's right-hind flexor tendon at the
Pawnee Grasslands ride (Near Ft. Collins, CO). Winza was sound but after
talking to several people about tendon injuries I decided to pull us from
the ride. I sponged the tendon with cold water and the ride vet graciously
wrapped Winza's leg with the supplies I already had. I had my vet look at
it once we got home and he felt it was only a bruise. I gave Winza the
couple days of stall rest, and hosed his leg, as my vet advised.

	Now it is almost five weeks later and the tendon is still a little
swollen. I have to re-emphasize here that Winza was never off or lame
through *any of this* - he continues to be perfectly sound. I have been
riding him once a week and ONLY at a walk. He is in a pasture board
situation so he has all day to walk, trot and canter at his leisure.

	I am getting worried because I thought the swelling would have disappeared
completely by now (this is my first horse-leg injury and I am totally naive
about this stuff). I want to get advice from the experienced people on
Ridecamp because I will call the vet out again if I should, but I am so
poor right now that if I can save myself the call charge I would like to.

	So just to sum up: My vet diagnosed the tendon swelling as a bruise. Is it
normal for it to still be a little swollen after five weeks (especially
since the horse continues to be sound)? If the swelling is normal, when
should I expect it to be completely gone? Is there anything I should start,
or stop, doing (although switching Winza to a box stall would be the
*least* attractive option)?

	As always, thank you guys for the support and great advice I always
receive from this forum. = )

	Jacqueline Mansfield and Winza

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