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Re: padding under trailer mats

Hi Marilyn
	I went to Home Depot and bought a few of those rubber floor mats that are
advertised as human workplace mats that are supposed to reduce fatigue for
those who have to stand all day.  I have a simple two-horse bumper pull and
place two underneath the main mat for the horses' front legs and two under
their rear legs.  This provides a lot of padding for them.  It seems carpet
would be little messy.  These particular pads are inexpensive.
	An alternative that they had at Home Depot is what's termed restaurant
pads.  They are about an inch thick, black rubber with many quarter-sized
holes throughout.  If you've every been a bartender, they use these types
of pads behind bars.  Not only do they reduce fatigue, but they're nonslip.
 I didn't buy these because I would have had to cut their size down.  But
cut the right size, you could use one of these under each regular mat.  I'd
hesitate to use them as the main mat because of the mess it'd be to clean
them up between the poop, pee, and shavings and the fear of a horse
catching the end of their shoe in one of the holes.
  	Good luck.  (I thought I was the only one that thought they needed more
padding underneath them -- thought I was spoiling my horse)  <g>

Lori Sumrall

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