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Just got back from the Liberty Run ride in Agusta GA.  It was a nice
ride, very well run.  hot and hi humidity.  We were about 3 miles from
the finish, 2 of us were cantering and heard another horse behind us. 
We went maybe a mile before looking back and here comes Joann Baker's
horse, riderless.  he slipped by me and the girl I was riding w/ (I'm
sorry, don't know her name,) chased after and caught him. the 2 of us
and Joann's horse walked back on the trail, expecting to see her any
second, walking along and mad at her horse for dumping her...
well, we walked a long time.  finally I said I'd run ahead to try to
find her.  went about 1/2 mi and saw her lying in the road in the hot
sun, dazed and not moving.  
She could barely talk, didn't know what happened.  I was scared to move
her so ran back to where the other rider was still ponying her horse
back.  she had a cell phone but it wouldn't work in the woods.  she went
back and waited w/ Joann while I ran Shameless back to the finish line
to get help.  A truck w/ someone's crew (again I'm sorry don't know his
name) came by at that time and they rescued her and brought her to camp
then to the hospital.j
the next morning she was OK, bad headache and bruises.
this is a little long winded I know but the point is w/ out her helmet I
think the injuries would have been much worse. 

Anita and Shameless(Pavichy)

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