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need help

Just got back from first outing of the year....need help with two issues: older (17) gelding is starting to refuse to eat while
camping...not much grain....less hay than usual too.  What can I do to
entice this guy to eat? (He loves carrots, apples, etc.)  He doesn't seem
to be eating  as much as he used to at home either (but it's still much
more than when we travel). He will have a lot of trail work this summer and
I'm afraid he will start to drop weight if I don't find a solution.  He
gets added corn oil, Fastrack, and Milk Plus....but nothing works if I
can't get it into him! gelding paws terribly while in the trailer.  He "peels" up the
rubber mat, thereby disarranging all of the other ones.  My husband wants
to "screw" the mats to the floor to stop this from happening.  Has anyone
done this?  Did it help?  What are the drawbacks...if any?  


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