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Camp Far West

I had this wonderful idea about having the number painter putting the @ on
my horse's rump, but then I forgot about looking for other horses similarly
marked. Karen Chaton saw mine and introduced herself at the vet check. I
had seen her several times in the first half of the ride and didn't even
notice the mark! Of course I could always say that I was too busy admiring
that beautiful dapple gray to notice the paint, or that my eyes
concentrated on Karen's distinctive purple and aqua outfit, or that I'm
just basically unobservant. Anyway Karen said there were several others
with "the mark" at the ride, but since I got pulled at the 25 mile mark, I
never saw another.

My cousin's horse was colicky after the ride so I was too busy helping her
walk him to hear the winners announced, but I know Karen finished (and
Rocky looked great after the ride) and just as we were leaving, we heard
that Dolly DeCair took best condition with Amadeus. Sorry I didn't get a
listing but there were well over 100 riders on the 50, and we were really
concerned about Red. He was just fine by the time we left, but I always
take colic very seriously.
Dorothy & Roshani who is trotting soundly again 
Hi Tech Tack
Oroville, CA

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