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Re: Navicular disease

In a message dated 98-05-22 13:15:09 EDT, writes:

<< I think the question of blind horses...deaf horses, etc. would fall under
 the usual definition of sound.  Does it affect his ability to go down the
 trail?  I think a really bad rider is a bigger handicap.  Maybe rider's
 equitation should be judged under the "fit to continue" rule.

Would have to agree that it is a matter of safely going down the trail and
staying healthy.  Nerved horses can do a lot of damage and not know it.  Have
seen deaf horses compete very successfully with riders that were in tune to
their problem.  Don't think I have seen a COMPLETELY blind horse compete, but
have seen several do fine blind in or missing one eye and/or with greatly
reduced eyesite.  (My stallion that was PNER mileage champion in 1995 is blind
in one eye and has compromised site in the other.)



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